Kitchen Blog? Maybe.

It’s been a long time since I was so tired that my body started falling asleep while I’m still awake. Right now, at 10:41 p.m., it’s starting at the top of my right shoulder. Arthritis and carpel tunnel are sending aching messages to my hands and fingers. These I am not used to but not surprised about. Shoulder fatigue, that’s a rarity. I will be off work in 19 minutes. It will be the end of the week for me after a 15-hour shift on Monday. It was an 8-and-a-half-hour shift yesterday and a 10-hour and 45-minute shift today. Hence, I have a fatigued shoulder. My body continues to complain that at age 73, I should be retired from a job that has me lifting an almost thirty-five-pound patient from crib to wheelchair or from wheelchair to floor and back again. I should be working from home to complete and submit my writing. At what age do you walk away from homecare nursing? I have been with this little girl since before her 1st birthday. She will be 7 in April. It’s not just my shoulder. Everything aches sometimes. At what age do you walk away? When she’s 7, or when I’m 74?

It’s Been a While

A long while. I’ve gotten productive during this Covid situation. I posted a story on a blog on WordPress years ago and have recently begun some serious editing. I haven’t seen any of my siblings or cousins who I once saw during holidays and even weekends. So writing is on my front burner where it should have always been. Thanksgiving is going to be a curbside occasion with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren not visiting so much as stopping by, wearing masks, and grabbing food in to-go containers. I guess it’s better than not seeing them at all, though there will be many I won’t see. Birthday gatherings and graduations have been via Zoom meetings but that has its rewards when the meetings are nationally held. So, you take the good where you can, look beyond the bad, and count your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Hello world!

Windshield night view

I have broken free. Let me rephrase that. She has set me free. I am the ‘her’ who does not hide, who will not bite our ‘collective tongue.’ There will be warm and fuzzy here, but there will be cold and jagged. There will also be shards of glass on a path that will hopefully, be frequently traveled, so please watch your step. There will be an ongoing series of an online relationship between us and a person who has captured our heart as no one has ever captured it before.  The we, and us on this blog is ‘her’ to whom this blog belongs and me, when my ‘mind’, keeps us honest. So the texts we’ll be posting will be, what Chris (our person) says, what she says, and what I am thinking. Other conversations between me and her, take place in our kitchen, so we’ve dubbed these posts, Kitchen Blogs, with different subtitles. Most of this will be Chris related, but there are other men in our life, and you’ll learn about them in the kitchen, or other rooms. So come on and join us, let’s see what’s going on, and also, what’s cooking.