Kitchen Blog: It was on my bucket list.

Birthday Surprise!

Medieval chicken in my kitchen. Just before Covid-19 shut off visits to Canada, I was there for a weekend in an Airbnb. Medieval Times was on my itinerary, but one sister had other ideas. I had been trying to get back to Canada since that visit. Then my son David and his girlfriend surprised me with a birthday gift. I was told to have my passport and that we were going to Canada. The drive was long, and after a couple of hours, the surprise appeared.

Medieval Tournaments and Dinner
Green crown for the Green Knight
Posing for a Memory
The Entourage
The Knights
The first course
The Feast
The Green Knight and the Keepsake Flower.

In honor of the Queen
Let the jousting begin

Who will win?

Our Green Knight meets defeat.
Homeward bound, after a very enjoyable day.

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