Kitchen Blog: Enter Chris

So I’m doing dishes in the kitchen. My dishes, my kitchen, and I’m thinking of Chris entering my life.

washing dishes mine

“Yeah. We want to tell him our thoughts right?”
I’m not sure mind but here’s the blog.
‘Chris, you entered my life for a reason’.
“Our life.”
Okay mind I’m using the collective ‘I’.
“Sorry. Please continue.”
Okay. ‘Chris, whatever your motives were your timing could not have been better. I was alive but not living, even though I was dieting and doing Hip-Hop abs I was not living’.
“Yeah we didn’t know that then.”
No we didn’t my clever mind. ‘Chris when I started talking to you something clicked. A fire was ignited’.
“It felt good.”
Yes mind it did. ‘So I needed this. We, my mind and I, needed this. So we will stop playing. No sadness. No regrets. We will use this to our advantage because there was sadness. There were regrets. There were even tears’.
“Yeah and pain. Oh my God the pain.”
Calm down mind. I know. We paid our dues. I was there.
“Yeah. Me too.”
I know. We earned this. Rough as the road was I believe it’s the road that leads to our destiny.
“Yeah, our ‘ah hah’ moment right?”
Our ‘ah hah’ moment. Right you are mind. Right you are.

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